Kübra Su Yıldırım “Patch 5” – OMM x Şarküteri Big Baboli


Kübra Su Yıldırım’s patch works, presented in collaboration with OMM and Şarküteri Big Baboli, will give you the pleasure of carrying art with you, while adding a completely different atmosphere to the clothes you attach.

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Aiming to bring the production channels of underground culture to the museum and make them visible, the collaboration of OMM and Şarküteri Big Baboli meets art lovers with its wide range of artists and products. Kübra Su Yıldırım’s patch works will bring the touch of art to the clothes you attach. 7 x 12 cm in size “Patch 5” will make those who see it smile and reveal your difference.


7 x 12 cm


Patch 5


Kübra Su Yıldırım