OMM Eskişehir Notebook – Fatih Öztürk


While the OMM Eskişehir notebook offers art lovers a nostalgia for Eskişehir, it makes itself indispensable with its bright colors. From the station building to Köprübaşı, the notebook in which Fatih Öztürk painted the most special Eskişehir landscapes also contains the functions of a ruler and an undated agenda.

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OMM Eskişehir notebook offers art lovers much more than expected from a notebook. 18 x 21 cm size 172 -sheet notebook allows you to take notes and draw according to your needs and mood with its lined, squared and plain pages. It will help you create your weekly schedule with its organizer feature, and make detailed measurements with its ruler function. Every time you take the OMM Eskişehir notebook into your hands, you will feel lucky to be an Eskişehir native or an Eskişehir lover with Fatih Öztürk’s nostalgic Eskişehir illustrations.


18 x 21 cm





Fatih Öztürk